Cute Little English School nestled in Tsubame-shi, Niigata Japan

“Fiona’s Friends English School”

Link:  Fiona and Friends

This is a cute and adorable little school nestled in the beautiful countryside of Niigata-shi, Niigata Japan. Besides her contagious smile and laughter, Fiona brings her whole heart and soul into teaching young and old; how to speak and read English with confidence and fun. In this lovely building as you walk through the doors you feel like you are family and that is One of the best things that helps people to be comfortable in learning. Your not stressing about whether you fit in or if your English is terrible, you can relax knowing that whether you’re a beginner or someone who needs to brush up on their English; you can be yourself and take it easy at Fiona’s Friends.

Fiona began her Journey along time ago in Japan when she was in her early 20’s, teaching English to young and older people there. On this fun filled journey, she met her husband Tetsuya who fell in love with her. They got married and not long after she had her handsome, smart, intelligent  son Tommy (or as I call him “Tomminator”!) in the year 2002, but not long after they were blessed again with another child. A beautiful, smart, talented ballet dancer named Lucy (or as my daughter calls her “squishy” lol) in the year 2004. With being blessed with a wonderful husband, two heart of gold children, family and friends like Katrina; who is her great friend that is a wonderful support for her there in Niigata!

Fiona started working for World Family which is an English School that uses a Disney based teaching system that is offered to the clients. Learn more :

After working with them for many years, Fiona realize what she wanted most was to have her own little affordable English School where she could teach any age, but also have more time that she longed for with her family. So, with that dream in her heart and soul she mentioned it to her loving husband, asked advice from her good friends and family about her vision. They all were in full support of her following her dreams, so even though she loved her job with World Family along with everyone she met from the Top brass down to her students and their parents; with tear filled eyes, warm hugs and love filled words she said her goodbyes to them embracing her new dream of “Fiona’s Friends English Conversational School.”

Even though my College Degree is not in Education, I would love to work with young and old; helping them to learn to speak and understand English, so they can have the confidence to speak to others around them that are native English speakers. But in also saying that, I would be blessed if I could in turn learn from them anything and everything they would want to share with me.

But as I was saying before, if you would like to learn English in a very comfortable setting where you can feel at home, where you can laugh, sing and learn English without feeling Embarrassed or having the fear of ridicule then Contact Fiona’s Friends English School! You won’t regret it, it’s the best way to learn English no matter your age. To this day her little school is growing more and more! I can just hear the singing, dancing and laughter coming from that school in my mind, then see them leaving bowing to their new friend and English Sensei all in excitement for what is to come tomorrow!

The link at the top will take you to the school’s information if you want to learn more.


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