Vegan Hotdogs & Fast easy filling meal!

Yes, I can hear it now….. Tania this has nothing to do with Japan, but alas it just might!

So this month I had another craving for something that I haven’t eaten for a long time because of worried about the animal by-products and even gluten, but when I as in the store (my local WallyWorld) I found this product.

These beauties were where the Tofu and Shirataki Noodles are locaded just in case you would like to go get them and try them out. (Now, you can make the recipe I am going to share at the end of this blog; with Angus beef hot dog or whatever hot dogs you want to choose.) These costed $3.00 @ Wally World but price may be different where you live.

So, I was like you know what I have never tried these before and again trying to go more healthy and cleaner eating I figured why not try these. They are called “Smart Dogs” by Lightlife. These are made with soy and other plants but I said YES when I saw that there was no gluten in them. I know….. I know most hot dogs are gluten-free but these are meatless and you know how fun it was to find the veggie crumbles to not contain gluten.

This was going to be very new for me since, when I was a child we always had beef or the cheap hot dogs for the recipe. I honestly, was greatly surprised how well these to me went better for this recipe than it did with the other hot dogs I was used to before.  They don’t taste funny and when you add condiments to it there is no difference, except for felling fuller a lot faster. 4 of those bad boys was enough for me but as you will see on the plate there was 5 and I had to force that last one down. This meal is Completely Vegan & Gluten Free! Hope you get to try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below. Remember eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard work its can be simple as you make it!

Recipe is just called “Guacamole”

  • 5-6 ripe avocados (pit & skin removed)
  • 3 lemons Juiced
  • 4 Roma Tomatoes diced (I removed the seeds because of my Diverticulitis)
  • 4-5 Stalks of green onion Chopped (depending on the size of them)
  • 2 packages of Hot dogs your choice of kind (I used the Vegan kind very tasty!)
  • 1 Package of Soft corn Tortillas

Mash the avocados well then add the juice of the lemons, mix well. The lemon juice will prevent the avocados from turning brown from oxidation. Add in the diced tomatoes and chopped green onion, mix well then cover & place in refrigerator (Pretty simple huh?!)  Heat up your dogs in a pot of water till hot    (I actually leave them in the packaging sealed and add the package to the water pot making sure that there is enough water that it kinda floats. This actually helps to preserve the flavor of the hot dogs & keeps them from splitting)  Now, once the hot dogs are ready you need to warm up the tortillas so that they are flexible; this is accomplished by using a tortilla warmer but if you are like me and lack one of those you can use this method. Take two square paper towel that fairly strong the cheap ones will not work as good (I use Viva Paper-towels), get them slightly damp then put like 4 tortillas at a time in between the tow damp towels and wrap them up and place them in the Microwave for about 30-45 seconds depending on the wattage of your microwave. You might just have to experiment with it (kinda a trial and error thing because I have had one microwave where it took only 30 sec. for 4 tortillas and another that it takes almost 50 sec.

Be careful taking them out cause it will be hot, carefully unwrap and place on your plate. Then take a hot dog and slice it length wise, place the sliced dog on the tortilla and then get the avocado mixture and stir it once more. Take a regular spoon and put the avocado mixture on top of the hot dog. (picture below)

As you can see from the above pictures this is what it will look like. Go ahead say it! It doesn’t look appetizing to you right? But please bare with me and give it a shot especially if you like avocado like I do. As you can see the others are rolled up and that is the last step. You just need to roll them up, while they are still warm (the corn tortillas). The fun trick when eating these you actually eat from both ends; because if you don’t the fillings will just fall out the other side but if you switch back and forth you end up keeping everything intact.

Like I said, this recipe is good anytime, is very quick and easy to make. Plus, with using the Vegan Dogs its extremely good and Vegan approved!

Thanks as always for visiting and have a nice day!


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