via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

Today’s daily prompt word is Imaginary.

If you asked me what Imaginary is then I would have to say “Imaginary is what people in this world seem to think that things that are not seen everyday or what they can not touch is Imaginary!”

We as humans seem to think that if you can’t touch it or see it that it does not exist. Adults love to tell children that this doesn’t exist or that doesn’t exist but what if in some shape or form it does.  I love when I tell people I believe that Merfolk are real, Fairies, Elves, Magic, Dragons, Spirits and I could keep going; but when I say I truly believe that these figures do exist but that it is only because society is afraid of the unknown and things that they can’t control, that these beings stay well hidden and even on another plane of existence.

I would hate to be magical and so different to others that they feel like people who don’t understand me would want to capture, harm and dissect me just because they think they can and that is it supposedly the only way to learn.  I would want to stay hidden until this plane of existence is reborn a new. 

I don’t imagine seeing things at night when I go to sleep, its not a trick of the brain from lack of sleep, and I am not evil or Psychotic.  To me when I was born into this world ever since I could remember after jumping off the second story balcony when I was 3 or 4 yrs old that I was different. I felt no connection to really the people around me or even to the country I was born in. ( And NO I am not suicidal either!) Many people can’t understand that things that we see with our eyes and heads is not always the correct way.  I see people when I look at them or things with my heart first until some one or thing shows me something else otherwise.

Kids are told when they are young to imagine what they want, dream big, etc. but in reality most people want their kids not to see the imaginary they want them to see what they want so as to mold them into society.  As a kid I grew up in many different homes and all of them had their own story to tell of what was real and what was imaginary.  But to me everything I saw was real and never fake or imaginary.  As a kid I used to talk to what people call ghosts, I could see some shapes and figures, I could always seem to walk up to this one beautiful white wolf that was stuck in a cage at this very very small like zoo I guess. When I first saw him I was 15 yrs. old and there was a small waist high fence, then a space enough that you could sit down in-between both the cage and the small fencing.  I would go there everyday and visit that beautiful but sad wolf. Once day, I sat in-between those two fencing and the wolf cam and sat in the corner near me, I would squeeze my hand through stroking and rubbing his fur. He had no problem with me only would start growling at the staff if they would come near us while I sat. I would sit for hours. The connection we had they would say is Imaginary, And when I left he would go back into his small box den they had for him.

After a while I was forbidden to come back there but as fate would have it, one day I tried to go back.  I was told that the wolf was no longer there, that he had been transferred cause he bit one of the people who was putting food in. That same month I was put into foster care because my mother had chosen her abusive 4th husband over us kids. I was the only one that nobody wanted, my sister went to live with family in California and my brother went to live with his father whom was physically and emotionally abusive to me mostly. 

But as a Child I never considered myself to be alone, I felt at peace in nature surrounded by animals and trees.  When I would see something that others couldn’t see, I would say nothing because they would say I am imagining things and to stop. To this day as an adult I still see some things or hear things but I try to block them out because it can draining.

But, to those who read this little article….. Wait let me rephrase that this long ass article, let me leave you with something to think about.

Think about when you were little, or eve when your children or someone you knew was young and they said they are talking to their friend but you see no one around; you were like okay and played along. What you don’t know is kids from the time they are born have unclouded and unveiled sight. That is why you can see a baby looking some where and giggling at the air or what looks like a toddler hold the hand what looks to be air.  Their eyes have not been clouded by society telling them that what they see is not real etc. But rest assured that adults will see to put an end to everything.  Before you cover the eyes of someone else with a veil that you believe is necessary take a step back and look at that person because you too once saw what others couldn’t.

Imaginary is only a state of mind and we need to see more with our eyes wide OPEN! 


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