Dreams & Trials

So, I decided to take my self on a journey.  I created a Kickstarter Project that I am very passionate about and also I am testing my will power and drive to be healthy.

With this Kickstarter project, I decided I might as well show people that I am very real and that this is not just some scam to get money. This is a guidebook that is very well needed for people that plan on traveling to Japan within the next few years especially if they have even one tattoo. Link to Live broadcast ——> Tattoos & Onsen/Sentos 

The next thing I Started this week is preparing my self for fasting. I have gone 4 days now in preparation by skipping breakfast and only drinking water, then I will eat a small lunch and dinner. Lunch and dinner total around 1200 calories for the day.

I am shocked a bit that when I wake up in the morning cause I am not hungry, but if I go to the kitchen and just because I know food is there I will grab a bottle of water and start to drink it.  I will do this until Saturday and then on Sunday I switch it up to only water for breakfast and lunch, then I have a meal for dinner which I haven’t decided if I am going to even try to eat 1200 calories that day. I just might eat less cause lately with being constantly given the cold shoulder by people, companies that only will help me with my project and want from $400-$900 just to help promote my kickstarter is just depressing. What happened to doing things out of the kindness of your heart or if you honestly believe my project is worth it then back me or help me to be funded. But alas even Celebrities look at you like “Oh, your a nobody why would I help someone that is low on the totem poll!”   And that is the thing, I know celebrities make a lot of money & it seems like all they care is about fancy stuff ! Do you know there are tons of celebrities with tattoos but I guess they figure because they are famous that they could go anywhere with those tattoos in Japan….. well they are wrong, now in the off chance they can and are right then US (people who are considered common folk need some sort of guide to help us experience the wonderful places in japan with our tattoos.)

Yeah, I know I totally got off of the subject of my fasting. *sigh*

This fasting I am going to do is kind of an experiment to see how I feel and if I lose any weight.  But we will see how it goes. My daughter thinks I am crazy but hey if I can do this its more motivation and it can also help my body to reverse gears and heal itself in some ways.  Once, I get to next Saturday that next day on Sunday I will then drink nothing but water. They say you should use distilled water and drink a total of 2.5 liters a day but I can’t afford that much distilled water and tap water is kinda free. Distilled is best they say cause a lot of impurities and gunk is not in the water. But again, you go with what you have to work with.  I also will not be weighing myself, I hate scales and rather not step on one.

So, anyway that is my post for the time being. I am sorry I have not posted anything in a long while but I honestly don’t believe that people care enough to read or look at what I am writing. Along with trying to fight from going into a depression is hard too, when you are a single mom and your daughter is getting ready to go off to her 4 year college which is not what gets me depressed. Her going off to make her dreams a reality makes me happy! What gets me down is the fact that everything that I have always wanted to do or even dream of doing seems to be put down by those around me or I get laughed at because they think my dreams are stupid for my age!

I want to live in Japan, I want to make this book a reality, I want to find love and be loved, I want to make people laugh, smile & just love with my whole heart and soul.  But as I write this blog post I realize that some people will read it and some will even like it but for them to comment or share their feelings because I am not famous or even not internet famous my words tend to go un-noticed.  I also added an Update to my Kickstarter!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.




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