The world is going crazy but that doesn’t mean we can’t help nature.

So I know that the title is very vague and I meant it to be that way!

Today, as my daughter was leaving the house for work she started yelling outside for me to come quickly. I was first thinking that something was wrong with the car, she fell or heaven for bid the worst thing to her is that there would be a huge spider on her car! She hates spiders with a passion and even if its no bigger than the head of a pin she will flip out!

So, yeah I was thinking with her yelling so much that there was a spider and Mommy had to come to the rescue. But to my surprise there was no spider but a very very small baby bunny with no mom or daddy in sight.  I told her to pick it up cause it was hot outside and it was near her car tires in the shade. She brought it to me and I wrapped the little boy bunny up in a soft terry cloth towel and calmed it down, as she took off to work.19883736_10155573595872320_447692787_n

Well, needless to say my kitty cat was very curious as to what I was holding and you could tell that she was saying, “Put it down so I can play with it!”  I was like crap, because I can’t keep it and we had a couple of strays along with some birds flying over the house that I know would be like “Woohoo, it’s lunch time!”  I went and called our local Orchelns store to see if they knew anyone who could raise this bunny because it needed moms milk. But they did no one person and it was getting late and they tried to get a hold of them with no luck. So, I then left with little bunny in hand but left my name and number if they were to get a hold of said person.

I then went to Walmart to see my daughter and walked in with the bunny, as I was stroking its head to keep it calm two little girls were watching me while standing next to their father. They asked, “What are you holding?” I said a baby bunny and once I said that they wanted to see it badly so I bent down so they could see and carefully touch its little head. I explained to them and their dad that I was trying to find a loving home for him and told them how I came to have the little guy. Well, then it started…….

I hear, “Daddy, Please please can we have and raise the little bunny PLEASE?” Their eyes were big and bright, their faces lit up with hopes. Then dad said its not my decision you need to ask your mom. Then both little girls look at me and say come follow us we will take you to our mom who was outside at the car putting groceries inside.  They run as fast as they could yelling, “Mommy can we have this little baby bunny please!!” The mom looked puzzled and walked over to me with both little girls holding onto each hand, begging the whole time.  I walked up to her and showed her the little guy and she let out and AWWWWW…. he is so tiny and cute. Well, as the dad was trying to get the girls into the vehicle I told the mom the story and as the dad walked back up he asked her “So what are you doing?” Figuring she was going to say no, but she looked at him and said “We are going up to the farm store to get milk and droppers because I am taking this baby bunny with us to raise.”  I was so happy when she said that and the guys said “I figured that you would probably say that.” as he chuckled a bit.

This made me happy because it will have a home and have a chance to live instead of being hawk food or cat food or even hit by a car. So, today had a bit of a happy ending but I know that since that little one was saved that I worried about their being others. I didn’t see any more when I cam home except one when I looked around and saw that it had been mangled. I wanted to cry, but I knew that there was nothing else I could do about that one.  That is why I titled this the way I did!

Because in this world full of people going crazy, killing left and right not caring whom they hurt whether it be human or animal.  We need to stop and just take a moment, step back and look around. I love nature and I refuse to hurt or kill anything if possible; yes I know you are probably saying but what about Mosquitos etc. I can not say that I have never killed a spider, ant, mosquito etc but I do try my hardest to not kill anything even when driving in my car. I have literally slowed down for squirrels etc so they don’t get hit, they say that is dangerous but you know what how is one life more important than another.

I can hear it now! But you eat meat like chicken and such, Yes I do but I am trying my hardest to change my diet to where I am not eating meat at all. But, its hard when money is tight and you can only take what you are given. But I will not hunt down innocent animals for sport or for food unless I am like stranded somewhere where that is the only way I can survive. But I am hoping to read up more on what plants in the wild are edible and will give me the same nutrition.
But, please all I ask is for people to be kind to animal even when they are driving down the road. I know there might be times that you can’t avoid it but if you can please do, there are so many people that I have heard that will ON PURPOSE swerve to hit and animal even if its not any where close to the tires or that they figure its just a stupid animal and if its in their path then its dead.

I don’t feel this way about any animal even sharks get a bad rap because they end up biting a human. Well, first off we are in their world, their domain, their homes that they live, breathe and required to hunt in for survival. We are guests in the oceans and many people can’t even treat the ocean with care. People using toxic sunscreens etc that damage the corals and fish life. We as human over fish and I mean OVER FISH for seafood that I am going to say 80% of it goes bad and is not even consumed.  But people will blame sharks and other animals for attacking us when we are the ones who are destroying their homes, their food source!! As for sharks they don’t know what is edible and what’s not they have to rely on sound and the bite to tell them. WE are NOT their food source, but just like on land if we encroach on their territory and ruin what they have left for food and shelter they are going to have to rely on what they can possibly make as a meal.

905 of the time when a shark does bite a human it is to see whether it is a food source or not. Remember every fish bleeds just like we do, so when the first bite draws blood it can make them go crazy and keep a hold of what it has or let it go and keep coming back if it is that hungry especially if its a female with babies growing.  But, there are times that yep a shark bite can turn into tragedy that is just the laws of nature though. Just like when surfers are attack a shark doesn’t see human it sees a seal because it is looking at it from underneath.  Just like any animal it has the instinct to protect its territory, now with saying that, it doesn’t mean be afraid of going into the water. It means be smart about it, don’t go in with a wound or even a little cut because sharks can smell and detect a drop of blood from miles away, understand that there are certain areas along the coast at certain times that schools of sharks migrate to go to nursery grounds etc to have their young and then their are times you can just get a rogue shark that is extremely hungry and will bite at anything that is making tons of noise and splashing which to them is like a fish in distress.

Like I said, we as humans are taking more and more from the other living animals on land and water that rely on where they live for food and shelter. So, do you honestly think that there will be no consequences to our actions….. Seriously!

Well, I guess that is my rant for the week and maybe the month. I know this article will probably cause a lot of waves and haters but that is okay because I am not here to please everyone. But I am here to share my thoughts and feelings about whatever trips my trigger! I would write about Trump and his BS but its not like he would listen or even give me what I want which is enough money (about $5000.00 to move out of this country and move to one that I will always have in my heart and soul for life!) That country is Japan!  Have a great weekend and rest of your week and remember we are not the only living animals on this earth who want freedom, who want to protect their homes and loved ones.



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