Dreams & Trials

So, I decided to take my self on a journey.  I created a Kickstarter Project that I am very passionate about and also I am testing my will power and drive to be healthy. With this Kickstarter project, I decided I might as well show people that I am very real and that this is …

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Tattoos & Onsen/Sentos (Picture above from Savetattoo.jp)

Have you dreamed of traveling to Japan, taking a journey around wondrous places and then being able to relax your tired feet and body in what Japanese call a traditional trip to the Sento (public bath or Onsen).  But then to be told....... "Sumimasen, No Tattoos." This to many people from other countries that people …

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Cute Little English School nestled in Tsubame-shi, Niigata Japan

"Fiona's Friends English School" Link:  Fiona and Friends This is a cute and adorable little school nestled in the beautiful countryside of Niigata-shi, Niigata Japan. Besides her contagious smile and laughter, Fiona brings her whole heart and soul into teaching young and old; how to speak and read English with confidence and fun. In this …

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